Leo Maarleveld

LeoLeo Maarleved (1946 Netherlands) started his career as a ceramist by Gerard van Dam. Since then, working with clay became  a true passion.  Many courses followed, in the Netherlands  as well as abroad.

An inexplicable incentive to make  beautiful things as an expression from his heart and communication with others, gave  his work variety of techniques and forms.
Experimenting with old techniques is one of his specialties. Raku one of his favorite technique.
The opportunity Codeso offered to work in Costa Rica and to teach the old techniques that seem to be lost there, is a challenge  he wholeheartedly accepted.

In 2011 Leo founded the workshop for ceramicsIt was a two year job to get everything together what is needed to make ceramic out of the clay we where living on. We had to find out what is for sale in the country and where,  and what we have to bring in, inclusive the transportation of a gas kiln from Holland.

The whole project was an adventure but now everything works fine. The ceramic workshop became even  the centre of the project to give residence to clay artists.

Leo is  a returning guest.  This year he will, after all the experimenting, start to follow his heart in what the costarican nature inspires to.