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Los últimos loceros de la Cruz

The workshop of Codeso  is the place where the second part of the documentary: Los últimos loceros de la Cruz will take place You can find part 1 on:

A house in la Garita

Oscar and his Brother Marlon are building a house in la Garita. The house for the guard on our property was built by the first guard in a local way. A wooden shed, but It has water, electricity and a bathroom. Time changes and also the local way of living. So we decided to built […]


f you go for a search for pottery in Costa Rica, you find Guaitil. A small village where families are making pottery  for generations out of the nearby clay. Gauitil is situated in the center of Guanacaste. THe land is flat, the summer is dry and we where there on april 3, the start of […]

Cuban authentic pottery

For a month now is Alexey Castillo working in our Codeso artist residence. Being a potter is an almost gone profession. Plastic took over the demand for ceramic houshold production.  Traditional jarrs, plates,cups, pots and vases faded away and with that the craftsmanship. On Cuba the same proces took place, but ..a little later. Alexey […]