CODESO Costa Rica

Codeso, short for finca Confianza Del Sol, started as an environmental project in Costa Rica.

Our mission is to create a space where nature and people are able to benefit from each other.

We strive for a sustainable balance between the production of wood and the preservation of nature. The concept was initiated by Djolt den Hartogh, a Dutch artisan woodworker. The project has been funded by the Gireloup foundation (  Gireloup is a Dutch foundation. Gireloup develops  and supports projects in the field of art and education.

In the years we are living and working now in Tempatal we participated in the local community by supporting local initiatives. We gave a course artisania to the women group and learned a lot about what is needed for the development of the arts in this neighborhood. .
In 2012  Codeso started a Ceramic workshop on the finca. Very basic with the clay out of our finca and a authentic wood fire kiln. Our goal is handmade local ceramic products and a programm to teach the skills needed to local talents.

The nursery inspired us to make pots. The clay, in the rainy season our biggest problem,  inspired us to make ceramic pots. We found a Dutch potter Leo Maarleveld, well experienced in the authentic way of preparing clay and wood fire kiln, willing to come to Costa Rica to help with the initiation of this new project.