Cuban authentic pottery

For a month now is Alexey Castillo working in our Codeso artist residence.

Being a potter is an almost gone profession. Plastic took over the demand for ceramic houshold production.  Traditional jarrs, plates,cups, pots and vases faded away and with that the craftsmanship.

On Cuba the same proces took place, but ..a little later.

Alexey is probably one of the few old style potters left. And with oldstyle we mean the tradition of the Mediterranean culture, brought into Latin Amerca by the Spaniards.

As cultural historians of Latin Americ are carefully gathering pieces of the  indigious culture, the next layer of the Spanisch  enforced culture is overtaken by  the Western technologie culture.

So what we asked Alexey to make for us is all he can come up with out of his traditional potter education.

Here are some examples.