Kaliningrad Domchoir

The foundation Gireloup organised for 8 yeard tours for the Choir of the Cathedral of Kaliningrad. Three times a years the choir made a tour through Germany, the Netherlands an Danmark. Every year there was a presentation of a new CD.

In the year 2010 The artistic leader of the choir Elena Kramarenko wanted to stop with the tours. It had been a little to much. She needed a rest.

We of the foundation Gireloup are very proud we made it possible to bring the unique Russian music over the Russian border. So many people enjoyed the old classic sounds in atmospheric old churches.

CD’s are available and can be ordered by sending an email to info@gireloup.org

The website for the Kaliningrad Domchoir can be found here. www.koorkaliningrad.com

‘note: the website is no longer active’