Artists in Residence

Nothing is as inspiring as to come into contact with other cultures, nothing is as integral as working together.

Finca Codeso, La Cruz, Costa Rica gives the opportunity !

Codeso is a project of the Gireloup Foundation Codeso is a enviromental-/artproject in Costa Rica / La Cruz, Guanacaste, since 2000.

our concept
Our concept is to offer artists (ceramists , woodworkers , painters ) a stay on our finca. They can make use of the ceramic workshop and the wood workshop, for the maximum period of one month In return for the stay you can bring and or leave your art work, so we can built an interesting collection.
This way we want to create a stage for artists in Costa Rica. (Costa Rica is a up coming economie)

our mission
The Artists in Residence project will facilitate contact between the Costarican (Latin American) culture and those of other parts of the world, with the aim INSPIRATION !
On the one hand, working in a different culture and a different climate has an inspiring effect ( we see that in the work of artists such as Gauguin ) .
On the other hand, by working with Costa Rican artists and locals . This can be done by giving courses and workshops. So you can offer each other,  techniques and design.

If you want more information about this project, please contact Marianne Pluim president Gireloup at

Hidden in nature and close to the Pacific Ocean, Codeso offers an artists residence.

The program we offer is based on the idea of new vitality from nature into the man made.
The tropical climate and wild nature will give you a very inspiring experience.
Our ceramic and wood workshops offer you the tools to work in a very basic way.
In our wood workshop are all kinds of pieces of precious woods available for you.
Our costs are negotiable in exchange for your art.

Are you interested?
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Where nature meets culture is an infinitely creative field with endless possibilities to transform our habitat in a sustainable and joyful world.

May 2015